Tension rocks Mwingi Central after man killed by suspected bandits

Tension rocked Kyulungwa area in Mwingi Central after a man was killed at his homestead by suspected bandits believed to be camel herders. At least five armed suspected bandits were reported to be rooming in the area for the last week when on Saturday night they visited the homestead of Muimi Muasya and killed him.

“When I was cooking in the kitchen I saw someone who wanted to get in the kitchen. When I asked his name he kept quiet and walked towards the main house, that’s when I screamed when my husband opened the door of the main house. My husband asked him what he wanted but he kept quiet, he (my husband) told him to go if he didn’t want to talk and that is when the man shot my husband twice before I ran to the forest screaming,” The wife of the late narrated.

The wife also pointed out that the bandits later followed her to the forest where he could see flashlights searching for her. When the neighbors heard the screams they called the police who came to the scene and found that the bandits killed the man and fled to the nearby forest.

“I heard gunshots around 8 pm, I was terrified and started calling people including the area chief who never attended to my call. I had heard reports that the Somali people were spotted in Mwingi and when asked by the police they said that they were coming to look for people who lent them their cows and disappeared,” a neighbor disclosed.

In what seemed to be a revenge mission for their cows, the neighbor added that they had an unknown letter which they gave to the police and were released to go and look for those who they gave their cows.

In a message seen by Mauvoo News on Monday morning, the bandits were reported to be within the Ikuusya area in Mwingi Central where the locals say that they took their supper at one of the village elder’s homes. After notifying police officers, they surrounded the homestead but it was too late since they had already eaten and escaped around midnight on Monday.

“After following their footsteps wameingia kwa hio forest ya Muthui Mulonzya, they are now heading to Yumbe or Mwambui. I congratulate the community and the Members of the Community for giving information about the Somalis. Wenye wako Hio area ya Mwambui,Yumbe,Kisole, and the surrounding areas please give information when you see them. On the same note, others were spotted at Syomikuku area meaning it is like they are in groups,” one of the locals posted in a local Whatsapp group.

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