Supermarket chain Mulleys shuts remaining Emali and Embakasi branches

A past photo of the Mulleys supermarket Emali branch. (Photo -Courtesy)

Barely 2 months after closing 5 branches, Mulleys supermarket has closed the Emali, Mlolongo, and Embakasi branches.

Before the closure, the branches were witnessing stock-outs for most of the commodities, and shoppers had begun to move to other retailers, making it worse for the family-owned retailer.

Sources at the retailer hinted at a takeover of some of the closed branches by Quickmart supermarket chain with 3 of the branches set to reopen under the new brand this month and in March.

In October 2021, Shoppers and Customers of Mulleys Supermarket raised concerns over stockouts of some items in several branches of the supermarket. They took to social media to question what was happening to the giant retailer.

Peter Mulei and Son’s business portfolio previously comprised of retail operations in form of 10 Mulleys Supermarket branches, 3 Mulleys wholesale outlets as well as a Mulley’s distribution center and is among the biggest business empires in Lower Eastern.

In November last year, the supermarket chain announced that they were undergoing the process of restructuring and reorganization of the business and that informed the closure of the first batch of branches then.

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