Shoppers Raise concerns over Mulleys Supermarket empty shelves

Mulleys supermarket Pioneer branch, Machakos town. (Photo -Courtesy)

Shoppers and Customers of Mulleys Supermarket have raised concerns over stockouts of some items in several branches of the supermarket.

Shoppers took to social media to question what is happening to the giant retailer. Here are some of the remarks we captioned;

“What’s happening with Mulleys Supermarket, empty shelves. I hope what happened to Nakumatt & Tuskys supermarket isn’t gonna happen to this store,” Richard Mutua said.

“I was shocked on Saturday. Mulleys ya Masaku stage empty shelves inabidi you look for other items from a different shop,” Mutua Mutuku narrated.

“I was in Machakos and witnessed empty shelves, even Kitui branch some essential commodities are missing.”Sam Mutia added.

“No blue band, Colgate herbal among some other important Commodities in Tala Mulleys,” Sultan added.

“May God stand with Mulleys, it’s tough for almost everyone, they will rise again. ” Linah Ndunge went on

The situation caught the eye of Comedian and radio personality Daniel Ndambuki alias Churchill who said that he had spoken to the management about the issue.

He disclosed that the supermarket has been hit hard due to the pandemic but is planning on a restocking strategy.

“This year has been tough for businesses. Many rumors have been circulating about the real position of Mulleys Supermarkets. Having contacted them, they have assured me they are working on a restocking strategy and soon they will have everything restocked back on their shelves,” he said.

“Kindly keep supporting them while waiting for the same. Everyone at one time in life has ever experienced ups and downs. They too will conquer,” Churchill added.

Peter Mulei and Son’s business portfolio comprises retail operations in form of 10 Mulleys Supermarket branches, 3 Mulleys wholesale outlets as well as a Mulley’s distribution center and is among the biggest business empires in Lower Eastern.

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