Media Crew, UDA campaign manager James Mbaluka attacked by Goons on Nguu/Masumba by-elections eve

Goons alleged to be Wiper supporters Wednesday evening attacked media crew onboard a Toyota Vitz Wednesday night.

A press team from a local television station, Mutongoi Tv was on their way to Masimba from Kikumini when they were stopped by unknown people at Uutini Market.

They produced their press cards in vain, and the said goons attempted to seize their car and equipment. They made away with their car keys and the incident was reported to Kikumini Police Station.

“I was heading to Simba with my friend and came across Wiper vehicles led by councilor Kana’s car who stopped and ordered the car carrying the media people to stop. Despite the media people identifying themselves, they were harassed by the Wiper goons and upon sensing danger, we took a u-turn to report the matter to Kikumini police station.”An eyewitness Albanus Mutinda who spoke to our newsroom narrated.

The goons also attacked James Mbaluka, the UDA campaign manager, according to eye-witnesses. To ensure his safety, Mbaluka was compelled to fire live rounds into the air. The goons however vandalized his car, which he reported the matter to Kikumini Police Station.

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