Sunday Church Service Interrupted at Aic Katulani after wrangles

Congregants at AIC Katulani in Mwala sub-county on Sunday were not able to hold a church service as planned after the church was closed due to wrangles.

According to a letter seen by Mauvoo News which was addressed to the Pastor in charge of the church, Pastor Lady Cecilia Katave Taabu, the decision was taken by the District Church Council after several misconducts of the Pastor.

The letter stated that the pastor was no longer an employee of the Ikalaasa District Church Council and she was to hand over all the properties to the council together with the monies she may have collected.

The letter went ahead to give reasons as to why the Pastor was no longer going to share the gospel with congregants at AIC Katulani.

“Your probation period of one year has ended and Ikalaasa DCC will not confirm your employment. This summary terminates your employment with Ikalaasa DCC, Mbaikini Region from the date of this letter,” read the letter.

“The following are the reasons that have necessitated the council to terminate your service; disobedience to DCC’s decision to transfer you, holding unauthorized meetings in Katilani contrary to DCC’s warning, and negligence of duty..Kindly hand over all church property assets in your possession to the DCC,” the letter went on.

Efforts to speak with the Church Council to know the root cause of the problem bore no fruit as they said they would handle the matter later.

The congregants were forced to go back home after police told them there was to be no service today until the matter was solved.

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