Church Elder Uses ‘Kithitu’ On A 73-Year Old Widow In Machakos

Police in Machakos are looking for a church elder who fled after threatening a 73-year old woman traditionally by using Kamba traditional justice system “Kithitu” over a piece of land in Mumbuni area in Machakos Township constituency.

According to the 73-year-old woman Dorothy Wambua, the church elder is a neighbor and they have been having disputes about a piece of land. She noted that the reason for the church elder to go in such devious ways was unknown to her given that she is a widow.

The distressed old woman said that she did not have the muscles to fight with the man calling people to come to her aid as she now did not know what to do and her life was in danger. She revealed that there was a land that was in dispute and the church elder had told her to bring a surveyor so that they could sort out the dispute but when she brought he was not satisfied with the results and he went ahead and brought another one but he was still not satisfied thus resulting to the devilish act.

“As you see me here, I am not okay because I do not know where to start, I have come home to find that the said church elder has used traditional means on me (kuinga kithitu), and now am afraid because my husband died a long time ago and I don’t even family,” said the distressed woman.

“We had a land boundary issue and he told me to call a surveyor who came and took his measurements and solved the matter but the man who is my neighbor was not satisfied and he went ahead and called his own surveyor. Now he has gone ahead and done the unthinkable. I do not know what he meant but it is because of this land, just help me, “Dorothy went on.

Two eye witnesses who witnessed the scene said that they saw the man running with a sack and they came out to know why he was running only to see him throw a pot on the ground and utter cursing words over the family of the old woman, something that shocked them given he was a know church elder.

“We saw a man running and upon his arrival at the old lady’s house he removed a clay pot and threw it to the ground and said as the pot break who ever ate his money shall be followed by the same, what shocked us is that he is a known church leader,” said the witness.

Mumbuni location senior Chief Matthew Mulee said that the matter was in his hands and he would follow it to ensure that justice was served to the old lady.

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