Stephen Kasolo engaged in an online war with MC Toto

Gospel Artist Stephen Kasolo and Mutongoi TV/FM Presenter MC Toto engaged in an online war after Toto heaped praises on Wilberforce Musyoka’s latest song.

MC Toto in a post congratulated Wilberforce Musyoka’s fans for making his latest song ‘Ngai Mbene‘ Number one trending on YouTube.

“Kamba music trending on top. Ingekua ni wakamba wengine. What God has done no man can do.” MC Toto in the post said.

Kasolo responded by telling MC Toto that he had stooped too low as a journalist by starting a fight that he wouldn’t win and he should continue playing Wilberforce Musyoka’s songs alone.

MC Toto in turn responded by saying that he didn’t mention anyone but it’s good to appreciate others. ” We keep on clapping for others until it is our turn, the way I know you as my friend you would have called CNN even not the local TV Stations to show us how you have made it. I’m waiting for your new release after you finish welcoming your King(referring to Kasolo’s newborn son),” MC Toto posted.

Kasolo escalated the online fight by going further to post on his Facebook page that there are some unprofessional Journalists in local Media houses who are making the stations die.

“Unprofessional journalists. That’s why some media houses are losing it slowly. Mutongoi when you gave Dj Biado’s show to a Dancer in the name of a Journalist who never attended a Journalism class is when you messed it up,” Kasolo in a Facebook post hit back. The post attracted negative comments against Kasolo forcing him to disable the comments section.

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MC Toto responded to Kasolo telling him that Facebook is a social media platform and he should take his professionalism to media houses. “Any media house or journalist who posts anything celebrating your fellow gospel artist always according to you becomes unprofessional, We are on Facebook, take your professionalism in a media house,” MC Toto took on Kasolo.

Stephen Kasolo then proceeded to share another post saying that if Toto could buy a small car like a Toyota Vitz and have a big body he could disturb all the Kamba artists whom he “dances to their songs to earn a living.” Kasolo later deleted the Facebook post.

In response, MC Toto fired back with a bible verse from Proverbs 26:17. “Like one who grabs a stray dog by the ears is someone who rushes into a quarrel not their own. He also quoted Proverbs 26: 5 which says that, Be sure to answer the foolish arguments of fools, or they will become wise in their own estimation.

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