MC Toto: I don’t chase after women despite Success

Radio Presenter and renowned MC Sylverius Nzioki alias MC Toto says that he doesn’t chase after women despite having money.

In an interview, Toto disclosed that he got married at 20 immediately after High School.

MC Toto disclosed that he got married early as his parents could not afford to take him to college.

“We are 11 kids and when I did my KCSE my parents told me not to expect to go to college. I got frustrated and got married to a girl I had been dating for a year,” Toto narrated.

“Yes I got married early but I’m very content with my wife, she is beautiful and supportive. I have never desired other women despite having money. I would say that it’s all about your mindset and not what people expect,” he added.

He narrated that after getting married things were thick but he and his wife persisted until they beat poverty.

“I was from a humble background and got married without a job or income. It was hard that one day the bed we were sleeping on fell to the ground but things are not the same anymore,” Toto went on.

The father of two disclosed that as of now the highest amount he has gotten from the gigs he does was Kshs. 200,000.

He says success is a journey and one should not be proud but know that someone better than you will one day come to be.

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