Speaker Douglas Mbilu 5 minute brush with death that left him with scar

Scars tell our life story and Makueni County Assembly Speaker Douglas Mbilu has a story to tell.

A closer look at the jovial politician would reveal a small scar on his forehead that has an appalling tale behind it.

On the 23rd of September 2014 the day just like any other started well only to turn tragic at midday.

The then Governor Professor Kivutha Kibwana stormed the Assembly buildings accompanied by his bodyguards and a section of the residents demanding entry to the locked premises.

There was an existing animosity between Kibwana and the then-speaker Stephen Ngelu.

The crowd from outside was increasing and within a blink of an eye, speaker Ngelu’s bodyguards opened fire.

Bullets rented the air and five people were injured in the scuffle among them Douglas Mbilu who was the chief of staff by then.

Luckily for Mbilu, the bullet only grazed his forehead leaving him bleeding profusely and shocked to the core.

Together with others, they were rushed to the hospital for treatment as the Governor was led out of the scene unscathed.

Mbilu survived but the happenings of that day are engraved in his mind to date.

Three years later he was elected as Speaker of the County Assembly and got to reign where he is serving his second term.

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