Kitui Women Rep Irene Kasalu Urges Women to Vie for Elective Positions

Kitui Women representative Dr. Irene Kasalu has urged women to stand firm and take leadership positions in various places in the country for them to better their lives.

Addressing journalists at the Kitui Women prison during celebrations of International women’s day, Kasalu called upon all women to stand firm to defend their seats at the political arena for their voice to be heard and needs to be addressed.

She also encouraged the women detained at the prison to have hope that one day they will be free to go and live with their families and pleaded with them to learn more skills while at the prison which will make them depend on themselves.

“We want women to be given equal opportunities the same way men are being given in leadership positions in schools, churches, jobs, and everywhere so that they have a good future and progress for our country. I want to call upon women to vie for elective seats from MCA to the president so that we can get more women in leadership because women know the real challenges faced in our country and we will also have a say on issues concerning us women,” the Kitui women representative said.

Irene was also pleased to see that the number of women at the prison had reduced and that means that women have greatly reformed.

“I feel grateful because the number of women inmates has reduced where some have gone back reformed to their homes to join their family members because women are key pillars in a family,” she added.

Echoing the words of Women rep Kasalu, Gladys Siona the deputy officer in charge of Kitui Women prison stated that it is an important thing to celebrate women and the need for more leadership positions for women.

“We saw it good to celebrate this day with our women here where we have 45 women who some of them have their children here. We want to encourage them that if women are given the chance to lead they can do better, in politics women can deliver to the people,” she said.

The theme for this year’s International women’s day was gender equality today for sustainable tomorrow.

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