Kitui KNUT Secretary Urges Teachers to be Involved in Politics

Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) Executive Secretary (Kitui Branch) Simon Mutunga Nding’o has called upon teachers to be at the forefront of being involved in local and national politics and decision-making during the coming August general elections.

Speaking at the Kitui BAT grounds during the installation of Robert Kavi as the director of Supervisory Committee of the Kitui Teachers Sacco, Nding’o urged the teachers to actively take part in national politics by ensuring they support the able leaders who can lead them instead of leaving politics to other people.

“Teachers work hard to complete the school syllabus bearing in mind that we have general elections which you should take part in because you all Kenyan citizens and it’s your right to vote for your leaders. We have to be involved in national politics, in decision making the teacher should be included for us to elect the right people,” Nding’o said.

He also requested the teachers when the campaign period kicks off to be ready to listen to all the politicians, give them time to talk to them without being biased but during the elections.

“Let’s listen to their manifesto and look back on how they treated us in the past because we should also learn from history; we must look at their history and their present and the choice of what they promise us in future.”He went on.

Nding’o called upon those who would like to vie for political seats to be careful because they can also be victimized as a teacher for being involved in politics. He also requested them if one of them will be contesting for any seat to support them.

“Baringo Governor Stanley Kiptis was former KNUT Executive Secretary, Nyeri Governor Kahiga was also a primary headteacher who is doing great and thus we teachers should take up the political seats to serve the people because we are also able leaders,” he challenged the teachers.

The Executive Secretary also cautioned the teachers against engaging in chaos and violence during the election period and to advocate for peaceful elections and be ambassadors of peace in the community.

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