Speaker Kinengo defends Governor Malombe from Senator Wambua’s attacks

Kitui County Assembly Speaker Kelvin Kinengo has defended Governor Malombe from Senator Wambua’s attacks. Kinengo urged the Senator to cease attacking the Kitui County government through the oversight Mashinani.

“The Senator should oversight county projects in collaboration with Senate committee and not individually,” Kinengo mentioned adding that it is the role of the MCAs to oversight the County Government.

The speaker assured the governor of full support in partnership with Kitui MCA and they will defend the County government of Kitui.

“We should reject external forces from attacking our government for their personal interests. Malombe is the controller of the government with his team and MCA’s.” Said Kinengo.

Kinengo added the Senator has no authority to play the role of MCAs, but he should carry the mandate through the senate committee. Kinengo pleaded with the MCAs to avoid being lured and support the governor to run the county smoothly.

Last week, Kitui Governor Julius Malombe accused Senator Enoch Wambua of using oversight as a launch pad for his 2027 gubernatorial bid. Kiio did not take the remarks lightly and hit back at the Governor.

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