Speaker Kinengo plea to Kitui Residents

Speaker Kinengo Katisya has called upon the residents of Kitui to support the Members of the County Assembly (MCAs).

Speaking during an interview with a Kamba TV station, Speaker Kinengo urged the residents to support their MCAs because they are the leaders who interact with them on daily basis.

He also committed that the Assembly of Kitui is working with the County Executive led by Governor Malombe to ensure that the people of Kitui get development.

“We are working closely with our Governor, as Members of the County Assembly we will do objective oversight to ensure that the residents of Kitui get the resources for development. We will support our Governor because we have good intentions for our people who are yearning for development,” he stated.

Speaker Kinengo also pointed out that together with other Speakers they are pushing for Ward Development Fund and after it is implemented locals should have public participation on how the funds will be used.

“Together with other Assembly Speakers, we agreed to fight for MCAs so that the Assembly can have financial autonomy since the MCAs are the grassroots leaders who interact with the residents compared to other leaders,” Speaker Kinengo.

The speaker also called for county projects and tenders to be awarded to the members of the ward where the projects will be implemented because the main objective of devolution is to empower and bring development to the grassroots.

“I encourage local contractors to be given tenders so that money can get closer to the people not also forgetting contractors from other counties to ensure national coexistence,” Speaker Kinengo added.

He also urged leaders to put aside politics and embark on serving the residents in truth and fairness without looking at their political affiliations of the residents.

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