Senator Kiio hits back at Governor Malombe

Kitui Senator Enock Kiio has responded to Governor Malombe’s claims that he was hiding behind oversight to do 2027 governor campaigns.

Kiio urged Malombe to cease being an obstacle and allow the Senator to perform his duty since is his mandate to oversight County Government projects.

“The governor should tour stalled projects like Musovo hospital, Kabati slaughterhouse, and Kilui stone crusher and give clear explanations to the residents. Malombe advisors are involved in carting millions of money for the unfinished projects within Kitui county “Senator Kiio alleged.

Kiio claimed that working with the Governor was challenging as Malombe ignored his messages and phone calls. He further noted the program of oversight Kitui projects will run for four years and the governor should be aware.

“In all 47 counties the Senators are carrying on with the process of oversight of the county government projects,” Kiio added.

Kiio has urged the governor to end propaganda luring Kitui residents that he is using the ” oversight mashinani program” to campaign for Governor.

” I am qualified to run for all political seats in Kenya except women representative, and when the time is ripe will announce the position I want to via in Kitui county ” Mentioned Kiio.

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