Senator Kavindu takes on Ruto over threats to the Judiciary

Machakos senator Agnes Kavindu has told off President Ruto over remarks concerning the Judiciary. Kavindu urged the president to cease threatening the judiciary and Kenyans.

The senator urged the president to respect the judiciary and allow it to perform its duties peacefully.

“The judiciary will have no impact in the country if the president fails to respect it and there will be no rule of law in the country that will lead the country to perish,” Senator Kavindu said.

The senator added that Kenyan leaders respect the president and he should avoid threats concerning the function of the sword adding that Kalonzo Musyoka 2027 will vie for presidency urging the Kamba community to unite and support him.

Her statement comes after the president spoke at a public function on Tuesday, claiming that some judges are working with the opposition to delay key government projects like a housing fund and universal healthcare initiatives.

Ruto’s remarks resulted in an uproar from the judiciary, the Law Society of Kenya, sector players, and other stakeholders.

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