Senator Kavindu vows to go after Mutua over Ghost workers and pending Bills

Machakos Senator Agnes Kavindu Muthama has vowed to go after ex-Machakos Governor Dr. Alfred Mutua who is now Tourism CS over Ghost workers and Pending Bills.

Speaking in Mua over the weekend, Kavindu accused critics of Governor Wavinya’s administration of theft of taxpayers’ money during Mutua’s era. The vocal senator promised to have Mutua called to the senate to answer about Ghost workers and pending bills.

“Those you hear criticizing the Governor used to “eat with” Mutua. Governor, I need a record of Ghost workers who were being paid in Machakos to take to the senate to claim the money. I need a record of stalled projects and pending bills because every project has a budget allocation, no we must do something. Mutua is not too big not to be called to the Senate, he will come to answer those questions and I will stand without fear.” A tough-talking Kavindu said.

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The Senator defended Governor Wavinya from criticism saying that she knew Wavinya was working and she had no reason to fight her as the Governor listened to her.

“If this Governor will ever fail, you will hear it from Kavindu but I know she works. We are there to encourage one another so that we may deliver, we are not here to fight. I was fighting with Mutua because he could not listen to me. ” Kavindu added.

This comes days after a section of MCAs led by Francis Ngunga of Mua and Mwonga of Masinga accused Governor Wavinya of failing to deliver after a year in office. Wavinya hit back at them by presenting a list of projects in Mua and other parts and claimed she wouldn’t be blackmailed to give them county tenders. Missed Governor Wavinya’s speech? check it out on our YouTube channel;

Ngunga also hit back at Wavinya saying he was not interested in County Tenders.

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