Carlos responds to Senator Kavindu as Exchange escalates

Former Machakos Tourism and Sports Chief Officer Henry Carlos Kioko has hit back at Machakos Senator Agnes Kavindu guns blazing.

Speaking to Mauvoo News, Carlos said that Machakos people are bright and have noted that they did not elect a competent senator. He noted that since Kavindu’s election to the Senate, she has never drafted a bill to better the lives of people.

“Kavindu stop spreading rumors that I have been arrested, have been in Kitui for the last two days. I want to tell Kavindu that her time is over, she can’t go to the senate and keep quiet, and am telling you brace yourself for a fight, we fear nothing,” said Carlos.

He further revealed that in March they would recall Kavindu for incompetency and elect someone competent for the seat.

“Kavindu will have finished her 6 months in February 2023 so that article 104 which recalls senators can take effect. We are going to recall you and in July we shall have a by-election to elect someone who is competent,” The former Maendeleo Chap Chap senatorial candidate added.

Kavindu had earlier told Carlos that he will not teach her how to work and made fun of how he got less than 20,000 votes in 2017.

“In 2017 you vied for Senator and didn’t even get 20,000 votes while I was elected with 150,000 votes. I know my work and you and your associates will not teach me,” she said.

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