Why Kitui County Assembly held special sitting during recess

Kitui Speaker Kevin Kinengo Katisya on Monday officiated a special sitting of the County Assembly of Kitui. The sitting was called by the Majority Leader and Migwani MCA Harrison Maluki through a letter addressed to the Speaker.

Among the Assembly business during the special sitting today was the swearing-in of Wiper Movement’s newest MCA for Kyome- Thana Alphonse Mukwaiyu, committing of CECM for Basic Education, Training and Skills Development, and Committing of the 26 Chief Officers nominated by Governor Dr. Julius Malombe to the appointments and Sectoral Committees respectively.

During his communication to the house, Speaker Kinengo said he concurred with the majority leader’s request for the special sitting amidst the long recess of the house due to the importance and urgency of the business addressed.

“I was satisfied with that the business to be transacted by this house was urgent and needed immediate attention and that’s why this day was gazetted. On the 17th and 18th of January 2023, there will be public participation in the Annual Development Plan (ADP) which will take place in the five-county centers. On the 30th and 31st we shall have the vetting of nominees for the position of Kitui County Chief Officers and the one CECM for Education, Training and Skills Development,” Speaker Kinengo said.

The Speaker also pointed out that between the 6th to 8th of February 2023, the Assembly will arrange for special sittings to approve the Chief Officers and also the CECM for Education after the respective sectoral committees and the appointment committee conducts vetting. 

Kinengo said the vetting of CECM for Basic Education as well as the vetting of Chief Officers was of great county importance and that it was of ultimate importance to call the house to undertake that business for the benefit of the Kitui residents.

“It calls for commitment and sacrifice because you are aware that the people of Kitui have bestowed faith and trust unto us to deliver on our mandate of representation, oversight, and legislation. I, therefore call upon us to relentlessly commit to complete the said programs within the short period and I continue to affirm my commitment to delivering our mandate as an assembly,” the Speaker added. 

 Equally, the MCAs congratulated the Speaker for the “Solomonic decision” to accept the request to recall the house to work for the people of Kitui.  

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