Huwezi nitisha! Daring MCA Ngunga hits back at Governor Wavinya

Mua ward MCA Francis Mwaniki Ngunga has hit back at Governor Wavinya after she accused him of blackmail to get county tenders.

Wavinya spoke while attending his brother’s funeral in Mua on Saturday. Ngunga accused the Governor of paying MCAs who support promising not to be cowed.

“Let us stop making noise in funerals, you were in Mua to insult me. I don’t mind, you can’t scare me. You will go with your MCAs who you give 10,000 when you meet at funerals. Machakos residents are not getting 10,000. At the end of the day, Mwananchi is seeing what is going on.”Ngunga said.

The Mua MCA further dismissed claims that he fell out with Governor Wavinya after failing to get County tenders. A seemingly angry Ngunga claimed Machakos County contracts were being given to Somalis.

“When you stood and started listing dams, like kwa Maunda how was it done yet it was full of water? The money in question doesn’t belong to an individual it is taxpayers’ money which passes through our county treasury. When we all ask questions, we are told we want county tenders.” The MCA went on.

“Never give me any tender, Kenya is big, you are not the Governor of Mombasa, Wajir, etc. Kenya is big. Machakos tenders are going to Tunavus, Machakos people are crying.300 million for dams was taken by Tunavus and taken to Northeastern no one from Machakos got any tender, they were done by ‘worias’ including the mortuary being renovated.” Ngunga claimed.

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