Kitui Pending Bills committee releases damning report with shocking revelations

Kitui Governor Dr. Julius Malombe on Tuesday received the Pending Bills Review Report from the pending bill’s committee chaired by Engineer Nicholas Muthui.

According to the report, the County Government of Kitui inherited pending bills amounting to  Ksh. 2.4 billion. While highlighting the report in a ceremony attended by members of the cabinet, the clergy, civil society, and the press among other Stakeholders, the chairperson indicated that only 55.74% of the claims presented were eligible ( sh. 1,431,226,009.65)

In the report, the committee identified 85 cases where there were suspected corrupt fraudulent, and false claims involving 91 county staff and bias in the distribution of the contracts across the 40 wards of Kitui. The report unveiled that 44.26 percent ( Ksh. 1, 129, 492,629.17) of Ineligible Bills were presented before the committee.

The Committee, according to the chairperson,  conducted field visits and did the analysis of the Claims and Pending Bills before compiling the final report to the Governor.

“We found that there was collusion between County officers and Contractors to defraud the county through the signing of completion certificates while the work was either partially done or not done,” Engineer Muthui stated.

The report also unearthed that there were biases in the award, and distribution of the contracts and costs, supplies, and services of the projects were inflated.

“Payment of the pending bills will be done on a First In, First Out (FIFO) basis and should be spread into three quarters. Where money was paid fraudulently, recovery proceedings should be instituted and county staff involved surcharged,” the chair added.

Governor Malombe on his part affirmed that the county government is committed to paying all the eligible bills after presenting a payment plan to the Controller of Budget. He issued a stern warning to the contractors saying that no project implementation will be done without proper documentation forthwith.

“If the National treasury seamlessly gives us allocations as should be, we’ll be done with the payment of pending bills by end of June this year. Going forward, we intend to pay contractors and other service providers in time, we have a duty to revive our economy, that’s one of the key reasons our people voted us to office,” Governor Malombe stated.

Governor Malombe pointed out that all the legible pending bills will be paid to everyone without politicizing the process.

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