You’re not doing Ukambani any Favor – Senator Kiio takes on Ruto

Kitui Senator Enoch Kiio Wambua has cautioned the Kamba community against being deceived that President Ruto is doing a favor by bringing relief food to Ukambani.

Speaking during the burial of Senator Daniel Maanzo’s mother Miriam Maanzo in Yekanga, Makueni, Senator Kiio said that those who are calling Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka to join President Ruto was a way of finishing Kalonzo and the Kamba community. He called upon Ruto to bring food and development to the Kamba community because he is the President of Kenya but he should not think that he is doing a favor to the community.

“We want to tell Ruto the truth because we have no issue with him serving the people of Kenya, continue building the country if you will make it. In fact here in Makueni there is a problem of hunger so bring a lot of food here. We want seeds so that our people can plant because the rain has started but when you’re bringing just know that it is not a favor you’re doing to the people of Ukambani, you’re giving them support by right,” Senator Kiio told President Ruto.

The vocal senator pointed out that every Kenyan is entitled to get services from the government regardless of the political camp they supported or the people they voted for.

He added that it is the duty of every government that gets into office to ensure that all the Kenyans are okay without looking at their political affiliations and feeling like you’re doing them a favor.

Senator Kiio revealed that Kalonzo will be on the ballot in 2027 vying for the presidential seat to unseat President Ruto and so he (Ruto) should not bother with Kalonzo.

“Help us Mr. President because you have to do so but the issue of Kalonzo forget about it and let’s meet in 2027 at the ballot when Kalonzo will be a presidential candidate, you will also be a presidential candidate and Kenyans will decide who they want to lead them,” he added.

This comes after President Ruto during a thanksgiving mass in Kitui 2 weeks ago revealed that he tried reaching out to Kalonzo to join the government after the elections. Still, he refused saying that he wanted to remain in the opposition. Missed the story? check it out below;

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