Senator Kiio Takes on Ruto for Appointing Duale, Gives Ultimatum to Camel Herders

Kitui Senator Enoch Kiio Wambua has taken on President William Ruto for appointing Aden Duale as the Cabinet Secretary for Defense. While visiting the Inyali area in Kitui East and Mutha in Kitui South to give an ultimatum to the camel herders staying in the area, Kiio said that most of the camels in the area belong to Duale after he confessed that he owns 232 camels in Kitui during his vetting.

 Kiio said that the camel herders have been killing people in Kitui yet they are invaders and thus Duale being appointed to the Defense docket will compromise the security of the people of Kitui.

“The people of Kitui are Kenyans but are spending nights in the forest due to the insecurity brought by the camel herders, but Mr. President we the people of Kitui have a big problem with your Cabinet Secretary nominee of Defense. You just push for him but we the people of Kitui have an issue with the appointment and what we want is peace and when there is no fairness there can’t be justice,” the vocal Senator said. 

The senator also claimed that in 2017 Duale told the Kamba community in Garissa to move from the town if they won’t vote for him as their MP and also in 2013 when Eastleigh was attacked by Al Shabaab he questioned why they didn’t go to attack Machakos county.

“We indeed have a problem of insecurity in Kitui, let them stay with their riches at their home counties and leave our people alone to have peace. We won’t allow anyone outside our county to come and forcefully take what is ours even if it’s grass. We won’t allow intruders from other counties to come and kill our people,” Senator Kiio added. 

Kitui County Commissioner Erastus Mbui ordered all the camels out of Kitui because they have been feeding on the farms of Kitui residents.

Mutha MCA Dominic Mwamisi called upon the camel herders to obey the orders given by the County Commissioner and get out of the South Kitui Game reserve and the land of the people of Kitui.

 “To obey orders is an important thing and that’s why we ask you to get out of the land together with your camels for justice to prevail for the people who have lost their loved ones from the conflicts. You have lived here for a long time but what you have started doing is unacceptable because we can’t allow anyone to be slaughtered like a goat and you know the people who have been killing the Kamba people,” Mwamisi said.

The camel herders lamented that where they come from there is no water and pasture for their camels and they should be given a grace period to wait for the rain. However, according to Senator Kiio, their plea won’t be heard because they have proved to be unfriendly and notorious after continuing to kill the residents of Kitui.

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