Firebrand Kitui senator Enoch Kiio speaks for the first time on Kalonzo-Azimio deal

Firebrand Kitui Senator Enoch Kiio Wambua has spoken for the first time on the Kalonzo-Azimio deal barely a week after Kalonzo announced that he was rejoining Azimio.

The senator disclosed that the positions given to the Kamba community after negotiations between the Wiper Leader Kalonzo and Raila Odinga made the Kamba community better placed in Azimio One Kenya coalition.

Addressing the media outside the Kitui County Assembly after a state of the county address, Kiio confirmed that it has taken a lot of negotiations for the Kamba community to get the promises of the Azimio One Kenya Coalition.

He pointed out that nobody can talk about Kenyan politics without mentioning the Kamba community and that he is proud to be part of the team that led in negotiating for the Ukambani people.

Kiio called upon the Kamba Community to rally behind the direction given by Kalonzo Musyoka who is now a national leader and a chief minister to be if Azimio wins.

“The things that we were following as leaders to come to Ukambani we agreed on them and thus we as a community we will get Minister positions, Principal Secretary positions, Chief Administrative Secretary positions, ambassadors and chairmen of parastatals. Although we lost the seat of Deputy President our people will benefit even from proposed budgets for development,” he added.

Kiio thanked Kalonzo for having a firm stand despite being mocked by opponents. This Kiio says has born fruits for the benefit of the community.

He called for peace during the campaign period and requested the residents to allow all the politicians to sell their manifesto to the people without disrupting them and asked them to choose the right leaders.

“I would like to call on the people to support our leader Kalonzo Musyoka by voting for Wiper candidates to give our leader strength so that when we will form the government when Kalonzo is the Chief Minister, he will have a good back up from the Wiper elected leaders,” Kiio stated.

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