Azimio will Evict our People from Mui Basin to Mine Coal – Kitui East MP claims

Kitui East MP Nimrod Mbai has alleged that if Azimio coalition wins in August, they will evict the people who currently live along the Mui basin to mine coal.

The MP stated that the Kamba community won’t listen to Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka again since he decided to join Raila and that will see Kitui East people evicted to pave way for coal mining in the Mui Basin. Mbai said that they won’t listen to the political direction given by Kalonzo and Governor Charity Ngilu.

“There are people who have been researching about the coal in Kitui and we don’t want mining of the coal in Mui basin and the only person who will stop that is William Ruto and we as people of Kitui East will stand with Ruto,” Mbai said.

Mbai trashed Azimio One Kenya Coalition citing that the Kamba community can’t benefit from the coalition which is led by Raila who he termed Uhuru’s project.

“Raila doesn’t want to take over the government, the only person who wants to remain President is Uhuru and that’s why he supported Raila because he knew Ruto wants to serve Kenyans especially those at the grassroots and that’s why he took Raila as his project. We won’t follow a project as Kamba community but someone who will help the community,” Mbai stated.

Mbai added that this time round Kalonzo should forgive the Kamba Community because they will not follow his path which they have followed for a long time.

“Kalonzo will forgive us because we won’t support him as we will rally behind DP Ruto to prevent illegal mining of coal in Mui basin. Let’s not listen to Kalonzo because he has never shown any interest in defending illegal mining of coal,” Mbai added.

Mbai also drummed support for DP Ruto saying that he will ensure that the common mwananchi is uplifted through a bottom-up economic model.

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