SEKU student nursing serious stab injuries after being attacked by a robber

A lady from South Eastern Kenya University (SEKU) in BLI Kitui town campus was on Thursday (10th March) left with serious injuries after she was stabbed with a knife by a man who wanted to snatch her handbag.

According to reports from students, the lady was from attending classes when she met the incident just a few meters from the school premises.

“The lady was coming from school when she was attacked by a man who wanted to steal her handbag. When she tried to run away the man removed a knife and stabbed her in the face and at the shoulder and she has been left nursing serious injuries,” an eyewitness told Mauvoo News.

Just before the man could escape hiding in the nearby Kitui School forest, he was nabbed by the irate students who nearly beat him to death.

“We followed him in the thick forest where he tried to hide but we surrounded him and got him. We took him to our school security room before the police came”, a student from SEKU added.

Police came and arrested the culprit. He was taken to Kitui police station and the student was taken to hospital for treatment and is recovering from the injuries.

Students expressed their fear since it is not the first case happening at the same place, they requested the nearby Kitui school forest to be cleared since it has created a hideout for criminals who come and hide in the thick forest to escape arrest.

“Most of us who stay in the Manyenyoni area fear passing through this road even during the day and as witnessed today our colleague was injured in a broad daylight and thus it is challenging for us to attend evening classes. There are two forests here one belonging to Kitui school and the other to Kenya Water Institute that are very thick and I appeal for them to be cleared and security lights installed along the road,” Cate a student from SEKU stated.

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