Section of Kitui Wiper MCAs angry with Speaker Kinengo

A section of Kitui MCAs from Wiper party has accused the Assembly Speaker Kelvin Kinengo Katisya of sabotaging service delivery to the people of Kitui County by Governor Julius Malombe.

Led by the Kitui township ward MCA Daniel Ngoima they alleged the speaker is behind the absenteeism of several MCAs who have been missing plenary sittings.

He noted that if the tension between the executive and assembly continues, Kalonzo’s 2027 presidential bid may be threatened.¬†

“He is a small person who joined politics just the other day but has refused to respect those he found in this field. The other day governor Malombe brought the supplementary budget to the Assembly so that he could get money to pay contractors but the speaker told the other MCAs from other parties not to attend the sittings so that there wouldn’t be a quorum,” said Ngoima.

“It is surprising that Kalonzo nurtured him, brought him up, and even paid his fees. We elected him because of the wiper party he is undermining now,” he added.

Munywoki Mwinzi, Kyuso MCA said that the speaker was elected by MCAs and either he sticks to his work and lets others do their job or he will be ousted.

“When my people don’t get the development they won’t listen to excuses that the speaker did not want the governor to work for his people. I will be answerable and things may not be good for me,” said Mwinzi.

The county lawmakers said that if the speaker does not announce the new house leadership soon they will mobilize the locals in the county and demand he(Kinengo)give an explanation for his actions.

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