Mr.Wise: How fellow artist plotted to kill me

Popular musician Mr. Wise has come out to claim that a fellow artist plotted to kill him.

In a recent interview, Wise said that a certain musician whom he failed to mention connived with a certain HIV-positive woman to bring him down.

According to him, the plan was for the extremely beautiful woman to sleep with him so that he contracts the disease thus surviving on drugs forever and his concern for music to go down and end up dead.

“This woman kept calling me since last year telling me she wanted to meet me. After six months I gave in and met her in a certain hotel. During our talks she began sobbing and disclosed that she had been sent to seduce me and make sure she gave me AIDS,” said the singer.

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“The reason why she could not go on with the plan was that she had seen my interview explaining how far I have come and my humble background that has been my motivation to do better in life. A fellow musician was not happy that my music was doing fine, he wanted me to suffer and lose hope in life, ” he added.

Mr. Wise said the woman’s story shocked him that he had to drive for hours until fuel finished up in his vehicle.

Wise later he called the woman and told her to tell the musician that she had slept with him as planned.

“I wanted him to think he had won and I know he will see this interview. We meet and talk but our friendship ended I can never be close to him ever again,” Mr. Wise disclosed.

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