Kamba artist behind Ruto’s campaign song Mr. Wise attacked and injured

Kamba artist Mr. Wise who rose to fame ten months ago after singing a song in praise of Deputy President William Ruto has been attacked by unknown people.

In a video, Mr.Wise claimed that he was beaten and injured by unknown people because he recorded a song about DP Ruto. He said that people were trailing him on his way home and beat him up.

“My leg and hand have been injured, I can’t even drive, and I don’t know who injured me, I don’t know which mistake I made to sing a song praising DP Ruto, I’m a musician, and I can do any song yet the people have injured me and I have not committed any crime, my body is paining,” Mr. Wise said in a video while sobbing.

The singer revealed that he never did the song for money and was never paid by Deputy President, yet people are following him to injure him.

“I was never paid even a penny since I recorded the song. Did I wrong anyone for doing the song, yet I’m a Kenyan voter? Whoever wins will become my president, although I personally choose to do a song about Ruto. Why are you torturing me, and I’m an orphan with no brother or sister? Why I’m I suffering because of this? ” he questioned as he cried.

He further claimed that those who injured him demanded that he deletes the song from his YouTube channel, and that was not fair at all since he decided to do a song just like any musician can do.

He didn’t reveal whether he reported the matter to the police for the matter to be investigated.

Mr. Wise released the song “William Ruto Rais wa Kesho” in October 2021 and it has gained over 900,000 views on YouTube.

Mr. Wise recently performed during the presentation of the Kenya Kwanza coalition Manifesto launch in Kasarani.


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