‘Tina Tina’, Mutula’s campaign song by Zipporah Eric gets to top trending videos in Kenya

Celebrated gospel artist Zipporah Eric has released a campaign song for Makueni Senator Mutula Kilonzo Jnr who is aspiring to be the County’s Governor.

‘Tina Tina’ The song that was released 2 days ago is number 24 in Kenya’s top trending videos and has close to 50,000 views. The song starts with Mutula Jnr famous slogan ‘Kwamba Utina’ (greet me with a clenched fist). In the song, Zipporah sings that Mutula is the beloved son of Makueni and that all the votes in the Gubernatorial race will be given to him.

She further sings that they will reward Mutula with the Governor’s seat for the great work he has done for the Makueni people when he has been the senator. Zipporah also reveals that Mutula Junior fought for the people of Thange basin in Makueni and now the people of Thange were compensated after the oil spillage that affected different families in 2015.

“The fighter of our rights in Makueni, same way God sent Samuel to Jesse’s family to anoint David to become the King, the same God has appointed Mutula to be the Governor….Mutula has the thirst to do good, he will take care of our money, build the infrastructure, and take our children to schools because he is a learned person and has the thirst to do good, he will make Makueni county to be leading in the development,” part of the song stated.

Mutula Kilonzo Junior in the song also wowed fans with his dancing styles.

Below are some of the reactions to the song;

Shedrack Makoma said, “This is might doing to this far God’s grace is sufficient, the way you compose songs your creativity is excellent, I now prophesy you go far in your ministry.’

Eunice Mwongeli said,” The performance is on another level.”

Pastor Dorcus Ndambuki said, “Mutula Jnr should be the next Makueni Governor, one day he will be the president of the Republic of Kenya. He is a fearless leader, like father-like son.”

Benson Kilonzo said, “Watching from Qatar, congratulations sister Zipporah and your great team. Your hard work will never go in vain, God is preparing a table for you before Kings and Queens. Feel loved by Diaspora and expect our support.”

Titus Muli added, “I even lack words to express gratitude to you zippy, God bless you so much, you have said it Mutula is God-chosen leader.”

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