Over 5,000 Kangundo Residents Benefit From Free Government services and Medical camp

Kangundo sub-county residents have something to smile about after free government services were brought to their constituency as well as a free medical camp.

The exercise which was conducted at Kawethei Market attracted more than 5,000 people who had come to receive various services such as cancer screening, mental health and Huduma services such as Boda Boda registration, birth certificate, and death certificate among others.

Speaking to Mauvoo News after the exercise, a resident who had come to get her Identity Card replaced said that this initiative was good and it has cut the cost to go to Huduma Centre Machakos.

“I came here to get my ID replaced because I had lost it and I did not have the money to go to Machakos to register but now I have been given an abstract and within two weeks I will be having my ID before the election time,” she said.

Dr. Ancent Kituku who had organised the event noted that he had seen many people going for long distances to get these services and he wanted services to be given to the residents and reprieve them of the burden of going miles.

The former Machakos CEC who is now currently vying for Kangundo MP seat on a Maendeleo Chap Chap ticket said that if he is elected the MP for Kangundo, he will ensure that a Huduma Centre is constructed in Kangundo to bring close the services.

“Many people have been coming to me with problems concerning health as well as access to Huduma services and today through partnership with National Cancer Initiative and Huduma Centre I have been able to bring the services to the people,”Kituku said.

“If elected as the next MP for Kangundo I will ensure that all these services will be available in Kangundo by ensuring that Huduma Centre services are brought to the residents,” he added.

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