Biez Kaviru and Mr. Wise in new beef

Beef seems to be brewing between Kamba artists Mr.Wise and Biez Kaviru.

This is after Kaviru brutally blasted Mr.Wise during an interview calling him lazy in releasing music.

That’s not all, Kaviru asked Mr.Wise to go slow on liquor and women to concentrate on his music.

Kaviru noted he, Kenny Bizzo, and Mr.Wise were the only artists in Ukambani doing urban music.

“I would urge Mr. Wise to reduce his intake of alcohol as he also reduces women because these things are making him not concentrate on music. You cannot be releasing one song every year, this will make fans give up on you,” Kaviru said.

Kaviru’s utterances angered Mr.Wise who told him to mind his own business.

Mr. Wise urged Kaviru to talk about himself during interviews rather than talking about other artists.

“Go give your story, where you were born and how you grew up, a story that can encourage new artists but avoid speaking about other artists,” Mr. Wise responded.

“I’m doing better than you in every aspect, my YouTube followers are more than yours and I’m busy in my own way, keep my name out of your mouth,” he added.

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