Mwingi: Section of locals express fear over incomplete Enziu River bridge

Two years after the River Enziu bus accident that claimed 33 lives, a section of Mwingi locals are worried that they could be staring at another tragedy in waiting as the construction of the bridge remains incomplete.

The locals say that they are risking their lives while crossing the river, especially during this season of onset of the rains.

“We are staring at another disaster in waiting if this bridge is not completed within the shortest time possible. We are being forced to wait for the levels of water to reduce so as to cross. This is a challenge to us at times when we need urgent services or items that must be accessed from the other side”, one of the locals said.

They have called upon the government to fast-track the construction of the bridge which is only 40 percent complete.

The construction of the bridge that links Nuu and Nguni Sub counties began in January 2022 and was scheduled to end in December of the same year. However, the workers say the construction has been delayed because of challenges in funding, adding that they have not been paid for five months.

“We are not understanding what is wrong with the management. What has made us resume the work is because of our passion and desire to do our best as a way of convincing them. We haven’t been paid, they are just promising us that they will pay, ” one of the workers explained.

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