Mwingi North MP dismisses Claims that he ganged with Athi River Mining to deny locals rightful compensation

A past photo of Mwingi North Mp Paul Nzengu. (Photo - Courtesy)

Mwingi North MP Paul Nzengu popularly known as Malili has dismissed claims from Ngaaie residents that he was involved in matters of compensation from the Athi River mining company.

Nzengu disclosed that he didn’t interfere in the survey and compensation process which the residents claimed that some of them were not paid while others were paid a very little amount of money.

This comes days after Ngaaie residents last month filed a petition to the Kitui County Assembly Committee on land, infrastructure, and urban development over compensation issues in Ngaaie limestone mining and alleged that Nzengu collaborated with the mining company where there was no transparency in the compensation process.

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“In 2013 the people of Ngaaie called me after one person came to claim that he was given the piece of land with limestone by the municipal council. I stopped that and said that the land belongs to the residents. We carried and exercise for three years where the residents agreed to give the land to the mining company and allow for the construction of a cement company in the area, the community later accepted the money given by Athi River Mining Company,” Nzengu said.

However, the Legislator disclosed that there were people who accepted the money given while others declined the offer and those who are being used to file a petition are being sponsored by his political rivals.

“Most of the people were compensated and only three to four people declined the offer and their land wasn’t taken from them. There is no dirty deal I was involved in and those who tainting Malili’s name won’t succeed because the residents were the ones who sold their land and they received the money in their accounts and I never received any single shilling from them. Although I had received offers from various people who wanted me to partner with them and buy the land from the residents I declined the offer,” he stated.

Nzengu requested those who think they didn’t deserve what they were paid to file a case at the law courts for the truth to be known and justice to prevail.

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