Kitui MCAs speak on Speaker Kinengo impeachment Plot

Kitui MCAs on Wednesday 12th April held a press conference to speak on the motion to impeach Speaker Kevin Kinengo and other issues relating to the County.

Led by Majority Party Leader, Harrison Maluki and Minority Party Leader Alex Nganga, the MCAs pointed out that they are united and working together to ensure that Kitui residents get development. The County Legislators also affirmed their support for Speaker Kevin Kinengo Katisya and dismissed plans to impeach him.

“Today we received the Second Supplementary Budget for the Financial Year 2022/2023 from the Governor whose purpose is to implement development projects that will uplift the livelihoods of the residents of Kitui. As your servants through the Leadership of our Speaker, we have committed the Budget for consideration and approval as soon as possible to facilitate the development agenda of the county,” Harrison Maluki, the Majority leader and Migwani MCA stated.

The MCAs claimed that there have been external forces that wanted them to impeach the Speaker.

“Some people are not happy with our Speaker who usually accompanies us to functions and has been supporting us. We want to tell them that the Election period is over, they should get over it and know that we are overwhelmingly behind Speaker Kinengo,” Alex Nganga Minority Leader and Miambani MCA said.

The MCAs pointed out that they are committed to doing legislation, objective oversight, representation, and approvals according to the 2010 Kenyan constitution and the County Government Act, 2012.

“We were not elected to start fights in the Assembly, there are some people who are using two or three MCAs to fight the Speaker and we want to tell them that they should give us time to serve our people. We have heard on social media people saying that they will impeach the Speaker, as the House leadership we want to state that such things are uncalled for and we are fully focused on working to deliver our mandate to the people of Kitui,” Nganga added.

They promised unwavering support to Speaker Kinengo and committed to supporting him in his duty to lead the Assembly.

“We have symbolically chosen to address you from the steps of the Kitui County Assembly as a sign of the renewed commitment to the unity of purpose whose foreseen outcome is effective, efficient, and swift delivery of our mandate as we support the leadership of the County Assembly led by Speaker Kevin Kinengo Katisya to make sure the great people of Kitui get service delivery they rightly deserve,” Harrison Maluki added.

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