Speaker Kinengo stamps authority on Majority Party Leadership tussle

Kitui County Assembly Speaker, Kevin Kinengo Katisya stamped his authority on the Majority Party (Wiper) leadership tussle.

The Speaker noted that he had received a letter from Daniel Kimanzi Ngoima (MCA Kitui Township) regarding the removal of Harrison Maluki (Migwani MCA) from the office of the Leader of Majority and Bonface Mukwate (Kanyangi MCA) from the office of the Majority whip to replace them with Munyoki Mwinzi and Daniel Ngoima respectively. Speaker Kinengo termed the letter as unprocedural per the County Assembly of Kitui Standing orders.

“Reference is made to your two letters both dated 5th September 2023 and a copy of minutes dated 4th September 2023 attached thereof; this is to acknowledge the receipt of the above-mentioned letter, contents of which are noted…the letter under reference is wrong and unprocedural before me and can’t, therefore be actioned on,” the letter from the office of the Speaker as seen by Mauvoo News read.

According to Kitui County Assembly Standing Orders No. 15 (9) in case of changes in the Majority Party Leadership, the communication should be made to the Speaker by the Whip of the largest party or Coalition of Parties.

“The Assembly has a substantive Majority Whip and his/her deputy as implied by Standing Orders 15 (6) and (7) from whom I would expect such communication for my action. The sitting circumstances render your communication void,” the letter from the Speaker further expounded.

The communication letter from MCA Daniel Ngoima was also copied to the Secretary General of the Wiper Party and Kitui Governor Dr. Julius Malombe. However, according to the Assembly Standing Orders, the communication should be an internal matter hence no need for the same to be copied to other external authorities.

During Tuesday’s (26th September)afternoon Assembly Sitting, Munyoki Mwinzi the MCA for Kyuso Ward was ordered by the Speaker to vacate the seat meant for the Majority Leader to avoid wrangles that were witnessed during a Special Sitting on 18th September 2023 when he (MCA Kyuso) refused to vacate the same seat.

“There is a saying that says, he who seeks equity must speak equity with clean hands, if you want justice go to justice with justice Hon. Munyoki Mwinzi. We were just from a meeting where you were strongly convincing me to communicate confirming you as the Majority Leader and Ngoima as the Majority Whip and I responded to you that I will professionally look into the law but I’m surprised that just the other day we had a drama here, do you want the same drama to continue,” Speaker Kinengo said during the afternoon sitting.

The Speaker said that he won’t allow any disrespect to the office of the Speaker to happen under his watch.

“I make a ruling, you assume that you can play cat and mouse games, I won’t allow the office of the Speaker to be disrespected. My ruling must be respected, I’m here constitutionally by God’s will, so get out of the seat Hon. Munyoki Mwinzi,” the Speaker ordered.

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