Ukambani leaders asked to support Kalonzo’s 2027 Presidential bid

Machakos Governor Wavinya Ndeti and Kitui Senator Enoch Wambua have called upon all the leaders from the Kamba Community to unite and support Kalonzo Musyoka’s 2027 bid.

Speaking during a function held at Kithumula in Kitui West, the two leaders called Ukambani Leaders to support Kalonzo’s Presidential bid regardless of their political parties.

“Our forefathers like Muindi Mbingu were supported by the likes of Syokimau, Kalonzo is oir current Muindi Mbingu and we are the Syokimau’s of our times. We will support Kalonzo to where we want, let us remain united as Kamba community for Kalonzo’s presidency to remain relevant,” Wavinya stated.

The Machakos Governor also claimed that the Kamba Community is fully united by Wiper Leader Kalonzo Musyoka as they vote as a block. She said that if Raila had chosen Kalonzo as his deputy, Azimio would have won easily in 2022.

“There is no community united like the Kamba Community, let no one lie to you. If Azimio would have picked Kalonzo as the Deputy President, we would have won easily, we thank Raila for working with Kalonzo but this time let us be wise so that we get to where we want,” Wavinya added.

Senator Kiio reiterated that Kalonzo Musyoka is undoubtedly the next President of Kenya and that’s why all the Kamba Leaders should rally behind him without looking at their political party affiliations.

“We have talked as leaders and I want to confirm this Party Leader, the leaders of Ukambani our will is to be all in the Wiper Party. If it won’t be possible to be in the Wiper Party, those outside the Party we have to speak in one voice to look for the sixth president of Kenya through Kalonzo Musyoka,” Kiio affirmed.

Kiio added that when the Kamba Community is united it will be easier to produce Kalonzo Musyoka as the sixth president of Kenya.

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