Ex-Radio presenter Jacqueline Kalenga rises to Kitui Assembly Majority leadership

Kitui County Assembly speaker Kevin Kinengo Wednesday (November, 30)announced changes to the House majority leadership.

The Speaker announced that Endau/Malalani MCA who was the Deputy Majority Leader has been replaced by former Musyi FM radio presenter Jacqueline Kalenga from Zombe/Mwitika ward nominated by the Wiper Party.

“Honourable members allow me to issue a communication regarding the change of leadership in the majority party, the county assembly leadership of the third assembly was constituted on 12th October 2022 an exercise taken in accordance with section 10 of the County Government Act 2012.Standing orders no. 15 (8)and (9) provides for the procedure for removal of a member of the county assembly leadership,” the Speaker stated while issuing the communication.

Speaker Kinengo noted that the Majority Party Whip and Kanyangi ward MCA Boniface Mukwate Katula wrote a letter to the Speaker on 30th November 2022 communicating a decision by the party to change the Deputy Majority Leader.

“The letter referred above addressed to my office informed the decision made by the majority party in regard to the position of the Deputy Majority leader and I wish to communicate that the Hon. Erastus Mbuno has ceased to be the Deputy Majority leader with immediate effect and has been replaced by Hon. Jacqueline Cate Kalenga. I wish to thank the Hon. Musyoka Mbuno for service to this house and congratulate Hon. Kalenga and wish her all the best,” Speaker Kinengo stated.

This comes after speculations that the Endau/Malalani MCA went against the Wiper party by publicly faulting the County Assembly for not going on with the vetting of the CECs nominated by Governor Malombe. According to a source from the Wiper Party, at least 20 Kitui Wiper MCAs signed for the removal of MCA Mbuno from the Majority Party leadership.

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