Nicholas Kioko Opens up About Disease He’s been battling

Youtuber and content creator Nicholas Kioko has opened up about a gruesome disease he’s been battling.

The father of two shared footage of himself receiving care in the hospital on his Instagram page, highlighting the steps he must take to improve the conditions brought on by his sickness.

Taking to Instagram Kioko said, “Hey everyone, I wanted to share something personal. I have been dealing with Lumbar Hyperlordosis, which has made the past few days and nights really challenging,”

Kioko further shared more details about the nature of the bodily deforming condition.

“Lumbar Hypolordosis is a condition characterized by a reduced inward curvature of the lower spine. It has been causing a lot of discomfort. I am working through it with the help of my healthcare team and staying positive,” he added.

He mentioned a few things he was trying to do to ease his discomfort. “These exercises help to strengthen and stretch the muscles around my spine,”

He also praised his wife, YouTube content producer Ashley Wambo, for supporting him during his difficult times. “Thanks to my wife Wambo Ashley for being so supportive,” the father of two reiterated.

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