Kasolo mocks Mutisya Maweu after his latest song

Kamba gospel artist Stephen Kasolo has ridiculed Mutisya Maweu’s latest song released two days ago.

Speaking during a live Tiktok, Kasolo laughed off at Mutisya for releasing a song at such an old age with off-key. Kasolo said that the beat was good but the key was not corresponding with the beats.

“The beat is good but the key in which he is singing the song completely doesn’t rhyme with the beats. May God help Mutisya, since he refused to sing for the lord when he was a young man and has resorted to singing in old age,” Kasolo said while listening to the song.

Kasolo went on to pray for Mutisya Maweu for God to have mercy on him because he ‘wasted his youth doing bad things’ and finally he has now resorted to singing gospel songs at an old age.

“Father I pray for Mutisya Maweu, Lord have mercy on him because when he had the chance to praise and sing he messed up his life. ‘Alichezea maisha bwana, alikuwa mkubwa wa MCSK na alikuwa na pesa mingi lakini alitoka hapo bila kitu. Angalia anataka kukuabudu akiwa amezeeka, key haiambatani na beat, Bwana mhurumie huyu mzee‘ he is tired and confused that’s why he is singing comforting songs. If he had started singing at an early age, now he could have been a big celebrity in the gospel industry, God have mercy on him,” Kasolo prayed.

The song, ‘Mesa’ (table) by Mutisya Maweu has so far garnered 11,000 views on YouTube. The song is derived from the book of Psalms 23 which speaks of the Lord being the Shepherd and preparing a table for someone in front of their enemies.

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