Wavinya discloses Rex Masai was a relative in emotional tribute

In a heart-wrenching revelation, Machakos Governor Wavinya Ndeti disclosed that Rex Kanyike Masai, tragically shot dead during the recent Gen Z protests in Nairobi was her relative.

Speaking during the emotional burial service at Kamuthanga in Machakos, Governor Ndeti revealed the deep family connection, stating, “You may not know, this man lying here is my son. My aunt is married into their family. The families of Mwangao and Ndeti are the same family. This is our son, and you’ve taken the life of an innocent soul.”

Ndeti recounted the somber moment she accompanied Rex’s mother to the mortuary to view his body.

“Rex was so much at peace with himself. He looked as if he was merely sleeping as if he had made peace with his God. Our little boy is now in heaven with Jesus Christ. He fought like a warrior and in his blood there is the blood of Muindi Mbingu,” she shared.

In a poignant appeal to Rex’s grieving parents, Ndeti urged them to find solace in their faith.

“You are Christians, and I know you never intended to bury your son. I urge you to leave those who did this to God, for He is the ultimate judge. Even I leave everything to God,” Governor Wavinya went on.

The Governor was joined by several leaders at the burial, marking the loss of one among the many victims of the recent protests. The tragic death of Rex Kanyike Masaki has struck a deep chord, highlighting the personal toll of the ongoing unrest.

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