Machakos DG warns residents to beware of rainy season silent threats

As the rainy season envelops Machakos County Deputy Governor Francis Mwangangi has raised a poignant alarm, urging parents to be vigilant guardians of their children during these times.

Speaking after a church service at Kaiani ABC Mwangangi said that the opening of schools has been postponed and children are spending more time at home. 

Due to this, the children may find themselves playing near dangerous water bodies that may pose risk to their lives.

“It’s crucial for parents to keep a watchful eye on their children, especially near rivers, dams, and any water body because you may never know where danger is lurking. “He said.

“The allure of water play can quickly turn into tragedy if caution is not exercised.” The Deputy Governor added.

He urged leaders to be considerate and offer help to people affected by flood waters stating that the county government is trying its best.

He urged those living in hilly areas not to relax as they may encounter landslides.

“This area is hilly and floods are rare but don’t think you’re out of danger, beware of landslides too,” he noted.

The DG also championed the planting of trees during this season in a bid to fight climate change.

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