Machakos Health Boss Issues Alert Amid Ongoing Rains

In a bid to safeguard public health, Machakos County’s Health CECM, Dr. Daniel Yumbya has issued a stern warning to residents about the heightened risk of waterborne diseases during the ongoing rainy season. 

While speaking at Kaiani ABC the health boss emphasized the critical need for vigilance and proactive measures to prevent the outbreak and spread of waterborne illnesses, particularly in areas prone to flooding and water stagnation.

He highlighted that the combination of heavy rains and inadequate sanitation infrastructure could lead to a surge in diseases such as cholera, typhoid, and dysentery.

“During this rainy season, we must remain vigilant against waterborne diseases that can quickly spread and pose a serious threat to public health, these diseases include cholera, bilharzia, and typhoid among others,” Yumbya stated.

He urged residents to prioritize clean water sources, practice proper hygiene, and promptly seek medical attention if experiencing symptoms of waterborne illnesses.

The Health CECM also announced plans for intensified public health campaigns by the county government, including the distribution of educational materials and engagement with community leaders to promote awareness and preventive actions.

“We are committed to ensuring the well-being of all residents, and our health teams will be actively monitoring and responding to any suspected cases of waterborne diseases,” CECM Yumbya reassured the community.

The advisory comes amidst concerns about the impact of heavy rains across Machakos County, with reports of flooding and related incidents causing disruptions and raising health risks.

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