Kasolo criticizes Rick Be and Nicholas Kioko for not being invited to Kamba Festival

Stephen Kasolo has come out guns blazing at the organizers of the Kamba Festival – Rick Be and Nicholas Kioko for not inviting him.

During an online interview, Kasolo lamented that it was unwise of Nicholas Kioko and Rick Be not to invite him given that he had interacted with them on several occasions.

He went ahead to condemn them for ignoring Gospel artists from the region and inviting Secular artists yet the event was dubbed Kamba Festival.

“I was not invited to that event because some people think they can do something to you just to embarrass or demean you but let me tell Rick Be and Nicholas Kioko one thing, I was waiting for the event to end so that I could say this. If there is someone who has really contributed to the rising up of Rick Be is Kasolo, have given him all the interviews and made him known all over, ” said Kasolo.

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“They saw that it was not fit for me to perform in that event, and they went ahead and called secular artists, I want to tell them that they will never interview me, and I will ensure that they will not come to my events to provide coverage, they paid secular artists, someone like Kativui is paid 100,000 to perform, from today henceforth Rick Be and Nicholas Kioko stay in that festival you are barred from my events, ” a furious Kasolo added.

Below are some of the reactions from netizens to Kasolo’s remarks;

Kim 254 said, “Ndeke was there you were not needed,”

Steve said, “walikuwa wanaita stars sio upcoming kasolo wee sai ni upcoming. Ndeke is the big thing now,”

Helen Nduki said, “Kasolo who told u ni lazima uitwe kwa events or u thought without u they can’t make it!!??aiii tila simu isu,”

Its moh said, “Surely is it a must ualikwe everywhere na after all wewe ni wa gospel ?”

Kasolo however went ahead to apologize to Rick Be in a Facebook post Sunday evening saying that he had learnt it Was Terrence Creative who had organized the event and not Rick Be.

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