Kasolo and Masekete ridicule Katombi over MCSK royalties distribution

Ukambani gospel artists Stephen Kasolo and Jackson Mutinda Aka Masekete shed criticism to Benga artist Alex Kasau Aka Katombi over MCSK royalties distribution.

The criticism resulted after MCSK recognized Ukambani’s top gospel and Benga artists who were awarded during the event with cheques.

Kasolo, Masekete, Zipporah Erick, Wilberforce Musyoka, Maima, Kativui, and ken wa Maria were among the Ukambani artists who got cheques for royalties.

Katombi received his royalties through Mpesa and this empowered the criticism from Kasolo and Masekete.

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” Despite Katombi composing a song recently mentioning gospel artists names Masekete, Ndumbule, Ndeke ya muthanga, Katungwa and I he didn’t appear among the top awarded artists from Ukambani region who received cheques,” said Kasolo

Masekete disclosed that Katombi only received thirty-three thousand via Mpesa as his royalties.

Kasolo further continued to criticize Katombi by explaining that musicians who were awarded via Mpesa should enroll in music classes to ensure their music is international for them to receive awarding through cheques

During the interview, Masekete mentioned about his recent fight with Ndeke ya Muthanga during a TV show at Ngumbau and apologized for what happened.

“It’s over, i have forgiven Ndeke ya Muthanga from the bottom of my heart even if he is not willing to forgive me,” Masekete said.

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