Gospel artists Masekete and Ndeke ya Muthanga fight live on air

Kamba Gospel artists Ken Kijana alias Ndeke ya Muthanga and Jackson Mutinda Masekete broke into a fight during a live show at a local TV station Ngumbau TV.

In a Facebook video that has since gone viral, a seemingly angry Masekete said he was not poor and slapped Ndeke who fought back with kicks.

Ndeke’s co-host Kasolo and his colleagues in the studio were forced to intervene and separate the two. The fight has resulted in mixed reactions with some netizens calling out the duo to order while others claimed it was clout chasing.

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Here are some reactions;

Angel Muli said, “Ki seriously where are we heading to Christians,??iiii ti aivu. Wendo wa mbeee anaasa mwaviiye ku??”

Mbai Victor said, “Which gospel is this surely you are ashaming the gospel i know I think you people need to be saved and delivered in Jesus’ holy name.”

Esther Kanini said, “What’s wrong with kamba gospel artists?? You are ashaming us.”

Kevin Musau said, “Ayah sasa and we did well what wrong now? I’m mad and done. Surely the way all was good.”

Philip Muia said,” This was very well planned. To injure Ndeke Ya Soil.”

Priscah Kalekye said, “That was well planned…… from the start you could see the two guys ….where there to attack…ndeke….. and it so shameful to look down on someone just because he’s not educated……..masekete mwaaa nyeee.”

Fernando Immah said, “Wilberforce Musyoka, John Kay, John Mbaka, purity Kateiko may God continue to bless you all with more wisdom and knowledge you’re having in serving Him in truth and Spirit. The top best kamba musicians.”

Jades Sailors said, “Creating tension so that you trend on social media isn’t what you should be encouraging…you people, fame will mess you.”

Rachii Sam said, “New songs loading.”

Ben Nguthu said, “This is what happens when people lose relevance, they will seek it by any means possible!!! Kolokolo.”

Susan Muathe added, “This is so shameful, in kamba land and gospel singers. Ask God’s wisdom. When will you guys grow and put your differences and bragging aside?”

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