Kitui: County government sets irrigation clusters to boost food security

In a bid to boost food security in Kitui, the County Government is set to initiate and operationalize 26 irrigation clusters in different Wards across the devolved unit in the 2023/2024 Financial Year, Water and Irrigation CEC Peter Nkunda revealed.

Speaking during a conference in Kitui, CEC Nkunda indicated that only 3,091 hectares out of a possible 11,095 hectares of irrigable land are currently under irrigation, citing plans by the County Administration for expansion to 7,800 hectares over the next five years.

“Governor Dr. Julius Malombe’s administration is working tirelessly to address food insecurity in the County through ambitious initiatives among them promotion of irrigated agriculture,” he said

He further noted his Ministry is in the process of reviving 18 stalled irrigation schemes in different parts of the county besides putting land along the major and seasonal rivers (Tana, Athi, Thunguthu, Enziu, Tyaa, Ciiri, Nzeeu, Tiva, Thua, Katse, Zitu, etc.) under irrigation for increased food production.

In her remarks, the Chief Officer for Irrigation Bretta Mwangangi urged officers in her department to serve Kitui residents diligently towards the actualization of the agriculture sector.

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