Kitui County government starts training farmers on Technology incorporation

The County Government of Kitui has embarked on a journey to map out serious farmers across the county in an effort to train them on how to incorporate technology into their farming activities.

During a visit to Jackson Muendo on Thursday, a dedicated dryland farmer doing Fish (catfish and tilapia), horticulture (lettuce, spinach, purple cabbage, kales, Chinese cabbage) farming in Itoloni village, Migwani Ward of Mwingi West Sub-county, the CECM for Agriculture and Livestock Dr. Stephen Mbaya highlighted the county’s commitment to supporting farmers.

“The primary focus is on integrating technology into farming practices to enhance productivity and add value to agricultural products.” Said Mbaya.

The CECM emphasized the importance of training farmers on utilizing modern technologies to streamline their farming activities. By incorporating technology, farmers can optimize their processes, reduce post-harvest losses, and ultimately secure better prices for their products in the market.

“Our goal is to empower farmers with the knowledge and tools they need to make their agricultural practices more efficient and profitable. We believe that by embracing technology, farmers can significantly enhance the quality and quantity of their produce,” stated Mbaya.

The team also visited Kimanzi Munyambu, a farmer doing dairy farming (Freshian cows-8) & Pasture Establishment (Boma Rhodes, Eragrotis superberb), and Maize stovers in Migwani Ward, Kaliluni village.

The farmer Kimanzi Munyambu is affiliated with Mwiwe Cooperative Society which has 70 members and the cooperative got national support for a 100-liter capacity pasteurizer & 1000 Litre capacity cooler with a generator & solar unit.

“The County government through the Ministry of Agriculture is supporting the farmers with continuous training and regular follow-ups on Dairy and Pasture establishment” Added Mbaya.

Joseph Mulyu a sunflower, sorghum, and apiary farmer in Nguutani ward was also visited.

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