Kilome MP Calls on Parents to Prioritize Children’s Education

Kilome MP Eng. TK Nzambia has called upon parents throughout Makueni County to prioritize investing in their children’s education.

Emphasizing the crucial role education plays in shaping a prosperous future, Nzambia urged parents to view their children as the key to future success during a breakfast show hosted by Virginia Mwikali on Mwatu FM.

He emphasized the importance of providing a strong educational foundation. Stating that education is the sole inheritance passed on. He challenged parents to take education seriously, asserting that this commitment is important for securing a better future.

While announcing the unveiling of high school bursary application venues and corresponding times and dates starting next Monday. The legislator urged the County Government of Makueni to increase bursary allocations for the benefit of financially challenged children.

Nzambia emphasized the future of children and the country depends on producing individuals capable of contributing to the nation’s growth. He urged the community to follow proper channels to report poor school performance rather than engaging in a blame game.

“Blaming teachers won’t help; they should sit down and discuss the way forward,” he stated.

Criticizing attacks on teachers and urging parents to play an active role in enhancing their children’s academic performance.

Touching on fees arrears, Eng. Nzambia acknowledged the financial challenges faced by schools but cautioned against sending students home as a solution.

He pointed out that the government has provided capitation, and sending students home is not a good strategy, considering the circumstances.

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