Kitui: Parents of School with 48 students want principal transferred

Parents of ACK Chief Makau in Ikanga, Kitui county on Monday held demos protesting the leadership of the school principal.

The enraged parents went up to the Education office in Ikanga and accused the school head of failing to listen to parents.

They narrated that the school earlier had 171 students but only 48 are left with its performance going down as the years pass.

“We have no issue with the teachers but the principal. He doesn’t like following the law and talks to us rudely. Parents have transferred their children and some of the classes have four students, we would like Mr. Mbaluka to be transferred and a new principal brought in,” said one of the parents.

“We have good infrastructure and good teachers all we need is a principal who will work together with everyone and make the school rise again.” another parent claimed.

The press visited the school and found that 30 out of the 48 students are form four candidates while the other 18 are distributed in the other forms.

The parents now fear the school may be closed after Form fours sit for their exams because only 18 students will remain.

“The school was started to help students going all the way to Makele or Kyatune schools and considering the dwindling population we are worried that its closure may be imminent thus the need for immediate intervention,” Another parent added.

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