Parents storm Thue Primary, close offices over Poor KCPE Performance

Furious parents on Thursday closed Thue primary school in Kimangau, Kitui East after they marched to the school protesting the leadership of the headteacher.

The parents accused the headteacher of mismanaging funds and blamed him for the poor performance in the 2022 KCPE.

At the school, the first candidate scored 268 marks while the last one had 40 marks.

They took away their children and closed the school indefinitely causing the headteacher to flee.

They called upon the Ministry of Education to intervene and transfer the headteacher.

“Since 2018, the headteacher has not called for a parents’ meeting. There is no development, some of the classes are dilapidated and the roofs are almost falling, you can also see cracks in the walls. We want the government to intervene,” One of the parents said.

“The headmaster has also been very disrespectful to the parents, belittling us at every little chance he gets. We want change and a fresh breath of air, please someone come to our aid,” she added.

According to the parents, the school has no functioning Board of Management and the school head has been making decisions on his own.

They vowed not to take back their children to the school if the headteacher is not transferred to another school.

“First, the headmaster has not been involving us in decision-making, secondly the teachers have been coming to school drunk, is our area a dumping site for teachers who cannot teach well?” asked another parent.

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